An incredible mtb travel experience over a beatiful land. Great tracks, stunning landscapes, great food Mike, from germany | TrsC-1 2010

A crossing of Sardinia from north to south through the highest mountains and most inaccessible areas of the island.
Over 10,000 meters of uphill climbing, 450 miles of pure adventure, away from the traffic and noise of the civilization and the great towns, through the most spectacular and rugged areas of the island.


TRS Classic

  • 2  departures per year 
  • 8 days
  • 7 bike stages
  • 450 kms 
  • 12.000 m total ascent
  • 80 % +/-off road
  • 7 sardinian dinners


Difficulty 5/5


Enzo Vidoni


Massimiliano Napolitano


Carlo Francinetti


Meike Bomholt


Giampaolo de Vincentis




There are emotions, sensations and roads that you must experience at least once in your life

There are emotions, sensations and roads that you must experience at least once in your life

Transardinia is one of these:  two journeys across Sardinia, from North to South, through the highest and most inaccessible mountains of the island.

Thousands of meters of total climb, some hundreds of kms of pure adventure, far from the traffic, civilization and noise of big towns, across the most spectacular and wild areas of the island.
 A raid that evolves constantly and abandons asphalt roads to follow unsurfaced routes, mule tracks and paths, once treaded daily by miners and by the explorers that arrived in Sardinia at the end of the nineteenth century to discover a wild land.

 A legacy of paths and tracks, that once where the only routes, but that the crazy rush of modern days is destroying and replacing with useless asphalt tongues that don't have the sense, the history and the stories of the paths that they're replacing.

 Transardinia Classic and West are events open to everyone that shares their ideals, a non competitive raid for bikers that are looking for the pleasure of discovery with the spirit of an explorer.

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