General info about Transardinia

Transardinia Classic or Transardinia West? 
It's a matter of taste, training and technical preparation.
The Transardinia Classic is the first Transardinia and also the hardest raid for kms, total ascent and the kind of road surface.
The TS West is a bit less technical and would be best for a first approach. Unlike the Classic, it follows the contour of the west coast. It's as beautiful and challenging as the TS Classic.

How much and how should I be trained?
The physical effort is significant and, depending on the version of Transardinia you choose, you must be prepared to ride an average of 63 kms per day with 1600 m. of total ascent.
In many places, the road surface is techinical and demanding both in uphill and downhill. In some parts of the route, it's necessary to push the bike on foot.

How are groups composed?
There isn't a general rule, many times we've had groups composed mostly of a nucleus of people who already knew each other and sometimes mixed groups of men/women bikers from around the world. What always happens is that from the second day it seems as if the group has known each other forever because the sharing of emotions and efforts create an immediate understanding among participants, and we never create too large groups.

Can I participate with a front mtb or should I have a full mtb?
Most of the participants are now using a full mtb but the guides and other participants have done many raids with front mtbs.

Should I bring my bike or can I rent one from you?
Of course, upon reservation, you can rent one from us (full or front).

Will there be a vegetarian menù?
Inform us in time, ie during registration, including all info with regards to food allergies or other problems such as celiac disease.
In this way we'll do everything we can to meet your needs.

How can I become Transardinier?
TranSardiniers are all people who have accomplished both Transardinia West and Classic, regardless of which of the two has been done first and how much time has past between one and another. Transardiniers are bikers who want to learn more about Sardinia and the wonderful feeling that this land provides to the cyclists who cross it's mountains, along east as west.
You could be among these privileged few, book your trip now!

Is there anything else you would to know and have not found in this general FAQ or in the specific FAQ of various transardinia?
Write to info@transardinia.it