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Transardinia West is the continuation of the project started in 2005!
It's the adventure journey that, from the surroundings of Alghero, will allow you to explore the inland areas, small towns and beautiful beaches of the west coast of Sardinia, and that will lead you eventually close to Pula, a few kms from Cagliari.
A mtb raid where, unlike the Classic track, there will be a chance to spend time relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea along the coast colored with all shades ranging from light blue to turquoise to blue and green.

Day 1: Arrival in Alghero

Individual arrival

Day 1: Arrival in Alghero

Individual arrival in Alghero and by request transfer to the B&B of Villanova Monteleone near Alghero.

In the afternoon or evening meeting with IchnusaBike guides, bike check-up, supper and overnight stay.


Day 1: Arrival in Alghero
Individual arrival in Alghero and by request transfer to the B&B of Villanova Monteleone near Alghero.
In the afternoon or evening meeting with IchnusaBike guides, bike check-up, supper and overnight stay.

Day 2: Tresnuraghes
After breakfast we'll start the first lap of this raid that follows mostly the line of the Western Coast, and will lead us to the midieval town of Bosa, then roughly following partially paved countryside roads, tracks, dry-stone walls, and other secondary roads we'll reach our farm house in Tresnuraghes.
By bike: 62 km – Total climb 1300 m approx.

Day 3: San Salvatore di Sinis
After the cliffs overhanging the sea and the Spanish Towers that guard the coast, we'll reach the enchanting sceneries of the Sinis peninsula, an amazing variety of environments: sand dunes, salt water lagoons, quartz beaches and Mediterranean scrub.
By bike: 73 km – Total climb 960 m approx.

Day 4. Montevecchio
From the Sinis Peninsula to the beautiful and wild Costa Verde, where a strong and vigorous nature has taken over the mining areas abandoned during the last century.
This lap begins with  a ride through the plains of Oristano and Arborea, along the many canals and bridges of an area rich in history and charm, center of the glorious and independent Kingdom of Sardinia in the Middle Ages.
By bike: 75 kms – Total Ascent 1050 m

Day 5. Fluminimaggiore
From the mountains, through hidden paths in the forests and old mining tracks, you'll reach the beach of Piscinas where the dunes, up to 100 meters high, are constantly shaped and transformed by the winds.
The lap continues inland, up the pass of Linas and the following long descent to Fluminimaggiore. From here  an old mining road leads us to the hostel immersed in the green nature a few meters from the beautiful natural caves of Su Mannau.
By bike: 60 kms – Total Ascent 1450 mt

Day 6. Iglesias
Surely the longest and most challenging lap of this trip.
From the inlands of Fluminimaggiore we'll climb up a mountain overlooking the sea to reach Buggerru and the marvellous beach of San Nicolao.
Here we'll climb up to the top of the mountain from where one of the longest and most exciting single tracks of Sardinia begins.
A long day on our bike among mines, sheep folds and a natural caves.
By bike: 85 kms – Total Ascent 1700 mt

Day 7: Narcao
After crossing the Marganai forest and the karst cave of San Giovanni, we'll continue towards the mines and medieval ruins of the Cixerri plain until we reach the surroundings of Narcao and the Rosas mine, one of the many mine complexes which are part of the Geominerary Park, recently created as a tourist and cultural structure.
By bike: 60 km – Total climb 1200 m approx.

Day 8: Pula
Last lap of this tour that will finally lead us very close to the southern point of this island. From the forest of Is Cannoneris, an endless espanse of holm – oaks, chesnut trees and other mediterranean scrub that clashes with the sea and stretches of sand of the Southern Coast.
Arrival at the beach for a well earned rest, lunch and farewell.
By bike: 62 km – Total climb 1250 m approx.





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Transardinia West

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The fee Includes:
Accommodation in double, triple or quadruple rooms depending on the number of participants and the availability of accommodation in each facilty (cottages, B&Bs and small hotels).
7 dinners with wine and tasting some of the best recipes of Sardinian cuisine, picnic lunches during cycling laps, luggage transport during each lap, final lunch in Pula or Cagliari and bike guides.

The Fee Does Not Include:
The trip to Alghero and Cagliari, Alghero airport - hotel transfer, Pula - Cagliari airport transfer, last night in Cagliari, drinks at meals, gratuities, accident insurance, extras and anything personal not specified under "the fee includes."


Cash fund  travel
It's a cash fund that is established at the beginning of the journey through payment by all participants with a minimum amount that will cover, during Transardinia, all services not included in the fee such as extra drinks, bar stops and any admission to archaeological sites.
The amount of the fee is based on the experiences of previous groups and is managed by the group that elects a treasurer.
Any surplus at the end of the trip will be redistributed to all participants.