Meike Bomholt


A TOP ADVENTURE! Transardinia is a fabulous tour – for biking: tricky  uphills – fun downhills – delicious food– spectacular  scenery – cosy places for the night... and excellent organised by Ichnusa Bike.
I didn't really know what to exspect when I booked Transardinia – but the entire time I enjoyed totally!

The biking in Sardinia is a lot of fun, no neverending boring Passes like in the Alps. The uphills especially the one at the first day is a  little tricky because of the rocks – so it is lots of  fun – you don't even feel that the track is UPHILL.

The downhills they sometimes make you go go go, you  can't stop – like a drug it is fun suddenly a river – don't care – bike through – or if it is too deep – swim. 
Thanks to the  GPS tho route was spectacular, sometimes you are sure that the is no way – but there is a way: through the fields , the high grass, the forest, the rivers and over about a hundred of fences.

But this is not all about TRANSARDINIA. The nature especially in April/May is marvellous: Green – and colourful – lots of flours and wonderful mountains.
The friendly Sardiniens, especially the sheepers, they sometimes pull you from the bike to try their yoghurt, cheese, bread, prosciutto, wine and spirits... it is soo good.

The cosy places for the night are a great choise: the number one are the agrituorismo we stayed the second night (the food there was the best I ever got) and Marios place (the food is good, too and you meet pigs with natural earrings). Not to forget the most important persons: Mauro and Amos.
They did a very good job! Very well organised, friendly, never in a hurry... and artists on the bike.

I could write a lot more about all the good things, you asked me to write about the bad things too. I is not easy to find any bad things, the only thing is is not really a bad thing only an idea – but at the last night was a little dispersed.
Frank and I stayed an other day in Calgari and we thought it would have been nice if we would have stayed the last night all together in a little hostel  at the beach.

So jetzt bin ich fertig!

Viele Grüße auch an Deine Kollegen, Mauro, Amos, Carmelo, Marchello.
Und Vielen Dank noch an Marcello für die Pfeife, ich abe schon benutzt um Wildschweine fern zu halten.

Viele Grüße